The unthinkable has happened. Our nation is torn and divided by an unexpected presidency. The Canadian Immigration Website is a mess. Coming January 2017, The Bubble offers a unique solution for Progressive Americans everywhere. The Bubble is a planned community for like-minded thinkers (and no one else). If you're an open minded person, come to The Bubble and close yourself in!
Homes starting at
just $1.9 million!
No police or
higher authorities.
Fast wifi, with only the good
websites (like Huff Post!)
The Bubble includes everything Progressive Americans love. Stay above the rest by shopping at our used bookstores. Fight global warming by driving our wide array of hybrid cars. Whatever you need, (as long as it's approved by Progressives), it's here.
Hybrid Cars
Hybrid cars are the best and only way to get around! With these cars, you can keep up an environmentally friendly lifestyle and protest against oil companies all at the same time.
Used Bookstores
Education is the solution to the world's most pressing problems. The Bubble has a diverse selection of stores selling books by Zadie Smith, Karl Marx, Robert Reich, and more.
Fresh Milk
Our organic milk is sourced from farms selling sustainable food. All food at The Bubble is raw, fresh, and always served in mason jars or wooden plates.
Q: When can I move to The Bubble?
Spaces will open for tenants by January 2017. There will be an application and lottery system.
We try to be as inclusive and diverse as possible when choosing residents.
Q: Where is The Bubble?
The Bubble will be located in Brooklyn, New York. Future locations include
San Francisco, California and Berkeley, California. Other cities are planned in the future.
Q: Is it safe to live in The Bubble?
Though there is a strict no-police policy at The Bubble, we will implement committees
and town halls where citizens can voice their opinions to ensure that The Bubble is a safe space for all.
Q: Who can I contact to find out more?
You can chat with our Communications Lead, Johannah Perez,
at or click here for her LinkedIn.